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Born and raised in Toronto with an ancestry of German, Polish and Ukrainian. During my free time, I've taken an interest in modeling and photography; it's my artistic outlet that allows me to be myself and self-express. As a woman, I think that there's nothing wrong with being bold, confident, and sexy. 

I'm a new face to the modeling industry and  I look forward to many adventures and meeting new people! Excited to travel the world and explore new places - I would love to go to Europe as it's been on my bucket list for quite some time along with the Middle East and Asia. 

I love to cook and I'm always trying new creations that inspire me, then there's the eating part! From fine dining to a tiny little family-owned restaurant. I love French and Italian wine and enjoying a nice glass of Macallan when the occasion arises.

I enjoy attending all sporting events, concerts, and stand-up shows. Don't be surprised that I have an amazing throw when it comes to football and no judgment on my favorite team. I grew up playing most sports throughout my life, weekly training has allowed me to maintain my physique along with healthy food choices.


Most likely to win playing Movie Trivia for Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy.... the list may go on for a while. Least likely to watch horror movies so you might have a slight chance of catching up. Watching reruns of the Peaky Blinders, Office, GOT, Suits and Mad Men is ideal on a cold snowy night.

I do enjoy most music genres and I'm pretty tolerable when it comes to karaoke on road trips. The secret is making sure there is a coffee in my hand along with hidden snacks in my purse. Unless you prefer me to curl up and nap in my seat then avoid all things above.

I love exploring and hiking new places throughout the country and enjoying nature. Meditate almost on a regular basis to keep myself grounded from work and personal life. When I'm not wearing a dress to work, my daily wardrobe usually consists of me wearing ripped jeans and a shirt so I love dressing up when going out for dinner parties.

Graduate studies in Advertising and Marketing Communication in Ontario. 

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